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12-16 September 2016

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anything goes

The Cambridge Crüe (unwillingly) bid adieu to the legendary Matt Brown. For his farewell party, they surprised him by wearing brown sweatshirts with his catchphrase, Anything Goes, stenciled across the chest. A curated cookbook was among many gifts to keep him going. Hugs were had, tears were shed, and he will be so terribly missed. You’re a good man, Matt Brown.


Looking to empathize with the adventure hungry people they aim to protect, Project POW’s Yael Yungster, Tracey-Lauren Milne, and Thom Huxtable (NY), visited Boda Borg to try their luck on various mental and physical quests with the client.

tokyo pulse

Time-lapse video from Michael Hendrix's visit to IDEO Tokyo.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

chIDEO Fam'


The Peep Team shot video of their packaging prototypes in action at various locations for their food industry client. Their colleagues back home are still waiting to hear how many chicken sandwiches were consumed throughout the project. Place your bets now!


Marc Exposito and Carlos Arturo Torres won big in FastCo Design’s Innovation by Design Awards. Marc was a Student Category finalist for his DrawIt UI, and Carlos took home the User Experience prize for his IKO prosthetics for kids. He also received an Honorable Mention for Social Good.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

Treadmill Transport

Jenny Winfield, Jack Haslehurst, and Daniel Tauber visited the Transport Innovation Catapult, this week. While there, it was all autonomous vehicles and giant VR experiences which involved walking on a massive treadmill. As happens...

Gettin’ Schooled

In conjunction with the their partner foundation, the CSchool Team’s Chris Grantham, Sally Spinks, Karoline Kirchhübel, and Minnie Bredrouw spent a week in SF being inspired by the D4L team, The Teachers Guild,, and OpenIDEO. They also gathered inspiration at the, Google, Singularity University, and a biodynamic winery.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi


Soaking up the very last bit of sunny, summer days, the Munich crew went for a refreshing swim in the river.


Over Schnitzel and Kartoffelsalat, Florian Kössler shared insights from the Kommanditgesellschaft project with the studio. IDEO alum Alessandro Cerruti made a guest appearance as a two-dimensional cutout.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi



The New York studio bid farewell to Summer Fridays in style, kicking off Fall PechaKuchas with presenters Roshi Givechi, Lauren Shapiro, Sloane Beaver, and Jared Glenn. The fantastic four hit hard with all the facts and feels. The studio’s Den Daddies kept the crew vibin’ with jams, leis, and a mobile drink cart featuring homemade swizzlesticks by Loren Flaherty.



You’re never too young to crush gender bias which is, of course, why Rafa Smith invited Quinn Swire to co-teach his SVA grad students about the topic. With her own project space, appropriately named Jedi Fox, she got to work asking, “How might we use design as a force to disrupt gender bias at its earliest stages?” Get it!

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

Check Those Bows

The university healthcare team’s Peter Macdonald, Grace Hwang, Sarah Mummah, and Shelagh McLellan conducted patient interviews in SoCal. A highlight? Learning about Qigong — a Chinese system of exercise and breathing utilized for the patients and their families.

Shrumen Lumen

Burning Man came and went, but the memories and press live on. The IDEO PA designed Shrumen Lumen had a record setup and breakdown time, and received excellent coverage. Congrats to mastermind Joerg Student, and everyone else who contributed to the interactive sculptures’ success!

Refine So Fine

Before shipping the final models for their medical device project, Peter Bronk did some fine-tuning in the shop. The team’s Prat Ganapathy, Leo Marzolf, Aaron Peck, Kayvon Shakeri, and Peter also held a special Kraftwerks, sharing that their next phase will hit in November.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi


Project Autumn, an internal Diversity & Inclusion project aimed at designing for inclusion at IDEO SF, is fully underway. The team is taking the studio’s pulse as an important first step in making positive change, and they’ve designed a series of options for IDEOers to have their voices (anonymously) heard. Honesty boxes were placed throughout the studio, a voicemail was set up to translate voices to text, and a survey was created to gather opinions on topics including race, gender, age, and more. This is just the beginning, but it’s inspiring to see such an effort being made.


Mission: Replace the MAKE illusion window display with something even cooler. No sweat for Andy Deakin and Martin Kay, who brilliantly crafted a tour stop highlighting IDEO’s collaboration with Brooks England on their Metropolitan bag collection. And now, IDEO SF collectively crosses fingers for a discount.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

Lead Love

Tokyo's Project Leads, Mike See, and Heather Currier Hunt traveled to Shanghai for the Asia region's PL Studio. The two days were packed with content, but the group managed to have some fun too. All in all, a great success.

Big Yes

The Dairy Project Team’s Keith Tan, Eileen Wu, Steve Har, Siqi Wang, and Amy Ly, successfully wrapped their project with a big mover and shaker in the F&B world. The team presented to some of the client's highest leaders, and General Managers from each of their business units. Multiple conversations are underway, including one with its largest group.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi


Tim Shi, resident coffee aficionado, hosted a tasting session for his Tokyo comrades this week. He used beans that he snagged during his latest research trip in Korea, which provided tasty coffee for the whole studio. Thanks, Tim!


Jane Fulton Suri and Shun Ishikawa wowed the Serendipity Series audience with their Inspired by Life talk. They explored the design of kind technology, observing nature and Japanese hospitality expressed through Omotenashi.


IDEO Tokyo’s beloved Mio Kanada is heading out for maternity leave. She’ll be greatly missed, but the studio is incredibly excited to meet her little one early next year. Good luck, Mio!

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi


The Launchpad team, including John Collery and Kerry Brennan, kicked off their first innovation camp prototype, IGNITE — the gathering of Rockefeller grantees for two days of learning and innovation exploration. It was fun and a little weird, but the crew was excited to see the grantees engage as social innovators.


The Amplify team took to Nairobi to run Design Bootcamp — a weeklong jam on the fundamentals of HCD for social entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. Ten participants from Kenya, Zambia, and Nepal were joined by Alis Cambol, Aya Al Kadhimi, Brynn Kolada, Owen Sanderson, and Shauna Carey before kicking off a year of prototyping solutions for the agriculture world’s toughest challenges.


The JPMC NYC team’s Erik Moga, Laurie Ginsberg, Madelin Wood, Kevin Shaw, Jena Palisoul, Daniel Feldman, Tahnee Pantig, Amelia Black, and Lionel Ramazzini hosted a half-day workshop for over 35 thought leaders from 25 different organizations in the financial health space. It was a big moment, as they pitched and solicited feedback on the team’s five opportunity areas and concepts.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

Warm Welcomes

OI Engine welcomed Emma Robinson, archeologist turned Developer, and Tom Gilliford, resident baker and Innovation Consultant, this week. The studio looks forward to showing the newbies their way with post-its, pushing OIE’s vision forward, and foosball.


OIE took to east London for an offsite dedicated to helping people create better, together. Thanks to the team’s enthusiastic participation, the day was filled with mind-blowing discussion, delicious food and drinks, and a sneaky magician. Special thanks to Nathan Waterhouse and Lucy Waterhouse for pulling it off.

Type Design: Njoki Gitahi

Hack Your Waste

To design food waste solutions, the OI Team hosted a Hack Your Waste event in partnership with San Francisco’s Department of the Environment and Recology. Over 60 people from cities, corporations, and organizations paired with innovators, entrepreneurs, and students to ideate, prototype, and present ideas ranging from an Uber leftover delivery service, to an educational campaign featuring a human vegetable.

The Last Sound

Intrigued by the belief that hearing is our last sense to go, former Cambridge fortnighter and OI End of Life Challenge participant, Yoko, visited for a special share. She believes sound has the power to change the way we live and die, and her work helps humanize the patient experience by turning hospital beeps and alarms into harmonious sounds.

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