Hello, World.
My name is Burton.


I'm a Maker

And I'm passionate about solving unmet human needs in new ways, and with new technologies.

Hello, world. My name is Burton Rast — assumed name, mister misterburton logo burton — and I'm a UX Design Lead at Google in San Francisco, California.

As a designer crafting solutions enabled by a foundational layer of machine learning, I believe we've a responsibility — both as individuals, and as an industry — to create systems that serve human needs in an equitable manner; those that honor privacy as a fundamental human right.

I work with multidisciplinary teams to affect this effort through a process that identifies the needs of the people for whom we are designing through observation and research; a process wherein design decisions are validated through iterative prototyping and testing.

The Visitors Workshop, IDEO Cambridge / Photo by Mitch Sinclair
‘The Visitors’ Workshop, IDEO Cambridge, 2015

I also speak at design conferences and industry events, both home and abroad, in service of crafting and voicing my point of view, as well as Google's, out in the world.

Perhaps worth noting: this site is also reachable via the emoji domain: 🤘.ws, is also viewable at misterburton.com, if emoji domains aren't your thing. 😉

Read my story, or check out some of my work.