Hello, World.
My name is Burton.


I'm a Maker

And I'm passionate about solving unmet human needs in new ways, and with new technologies.

Hello, world. My name is Burton Rast — assumed name, ‘mister burton’ — and I'm a Principal Designer at IDEO in San Francisco, California.

At IDEO, I lead project teams, sling code, design user interfaces, visualize data, research, interview, prototype and test, all with the aim of positively impacting people's lives through new-to-the-world user experiences.

Organizational transformation comes in many flavors; in this instance, LED-powered costumes and Ziggy Stardust face paint. (with La Victoria Lab; Lima, Peru, 2016)

I've led a data science team to create state-of-the-art, data-driven dashboard tools, helped digitally transform the largest company in Peru, worked with a multidisciplinary team to craft a pair of full-scale, immersive vehicle simulators, led the design and build of VR prototypes for a robotics company, and helped numerous startups bring their products to market.

My approach to mentoring and teaching colleagues is hands-on, through workshops and knowledge sharing events. And I tirelessly work to elevate digital literacy both internally, and within our clients' organizations.

‘The Visitors’ Workshop, IDEO Cambridge, 2015

I also write extensively and speak at design conferences and industry events, both home and abroad, in service of crafting and voicing my point of view, and IDEO's, out in the world.

Perhaps worth noting: I designed and developed this site, as well, which is also reachable via the emoji domain: 🤘.ws, which is also viewable at misterburton.com, if emoji domains aren't your thing. 😉

Read my story, or check out some of my work.